Born on March 19th 1993 in the coastal town of Lattakia - Syria. I started learning music at the age of 9 with the violin as my main instrument, and from the very beginning I was interested in the creation process of music through improvisation and composition.

During my years of study, my music was influenced by many genres; Classical, Jazz, Middle-Eastern, Electronic, Rock and Contemporary music.

I got my Bachelor's degree in music and musicology from the music department at the University of Lyon - France.
Since 2019, I got enrolled in the MAAAV Master's degree (Applied Music for Visual Arts) under the direction of professor and composer Jean-Marc Serre.

My musical and professional experiences include:

Releasing two albums : Ataba 2018 (in collaboration with Ali ASAAD) and Rural Cosmos 2019.

Participating with several orchestras in Europe (Ornina Arabic music orchestra, SEPO orchestra...)

Participating and presenting original music in the following festivals :

- Oriental landscapes ( Netherlands 2017)
- Collège des Bernardins ( Paris 2018 )
- FIMU festival (France 2018)

- Moussem festival (Belgium 2019)

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